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USA SPEC reserves the right to provide technical support and warranty service only on products purchased through Authorized USA SPEC dealers or local Car Stereo retailers that provide professional installation.

We do this to insure the highest level of customer support and integrity of our Products. We have authorized a limited number of on line sellers so customers can identify those on line dealers where they can purchase USA SPEC products with confidence.

Internet Dealers on Amazon and Ebay such as Pacific Stereo, AUDIOonline, OEIntegration, AudioSource, and Audio Connections, Discounts Jungle, Audio Savings are NOT authorized USA SPEC dealers.

USA SPEC can not be held responsible for Internet resellers who may not have the latest products or info, or may have sold products that are old, used, damaged, missing parts or defective. USA SPEC may, at its sole discretion, provide service to consumers who have purchased from a non Authorized seller for a minimum fee of $75.00.

USA SPEC may, at its sole discretion, elect not to sell parts, cables or accessories to consumers who have purchased products from a non Authorized seller.

We strongly recommend only buying from local Car Stereo retailers who provide professional installation or if purchasing on line, Authorized on line retailers that provide dedicated phone support and real time tech (support like Crutchfield Corp) !

USA SPEC sells its products through authorized accounts so we can insure customers receive the best possible service and support.

Local Dealers Online Authorized Dealers

USA SPEC products are sold through some of the nation's best car stereo retaliers.

These dealers typically provide sales, service, and professional installation of USA SPEC products.

To find a USA SPEC Car Stereo Dealer in your local area, please click the "find a local dealer" button and enter your zip code for a list of all authorized dealers.

Visit any of these online authorized dealers: